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"I like the selection I've seen. I appreciate the effort you have put into your performances. Nice "odd" musical duo." - Dweezil Zappa

The Inventionis Mater Duo is a project born of the encounter between the clarinetist Pierpaolo Romani and the guitarist Andrea Pennati. The purpose is write down the Zappa gigantism for a duo so little frequented as the clarinet and guitar duo is. To the question of what meaning Frank Zappa had for rock music and what for classical music of the late twentieth century Inventionis Mater certainly does not answer. But they take the bright and eccentric rock of Frank Zappa and return it back to the audience in a duo transcription reduced to the need of essentiality. A transcript that is translation, never distortion. A trip between stylistic and timbre versatility, from rhythm 'n blues to dodecaphonic atmospheres. A duo that tells a story in which the protagonist is an American composer who was able to draw from rock music of the XX century what the great romantic composers drew from folk music. One of the few who knew how to use the difficult simplicity resulting from the purification of complexity. The Inventionis Mater tells you about Zappa: an acrobat on the thin line between Art music and Pop music. A genius who has managed to create a language - a truly contemporary music - mirror of the postmodern eclecticism, not forgetting the pleasure of irony and intellectual taste for hearing.

was born in Arezzo in 1985. Graduated at “Liceo Musicale” in Arezzo he continued the study of humanities at “Università degli Studi Siena” where he graduated cum laude in “Letteratura Italiana ed Europea” and in “Letteratura e Spettacolo”. In 2009 he graduated cum laude in guitar at the “Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini” of Florence, under the guide of Alfonso Borghese. He continues his studies at the Post Graduate Courses at “Scuola di Musica di Fiesole”, he passed with honors. He has collaborated with “Maggio Musicale Fiorentino”, “Estate Fiesolana”, the “Festival della Chitarra Classica fiorentino” and the “Festival of Two Worlds”. Played in the role of soloist the Rodrigo Fantasia para un Gentilhombre for guitar and orchestra. He’s active as a guitarist in Zappa’s repertory with Inventionis Mater, in the world music with Balkan Damar, as a guitarist and composer with La Penna di Zeno.

Pierpaolo Romani was born in Abbadia San Salvatore in 1987. He brilliantly graduated in clarinet under the wise guide of Fabio Battistelli at Luigi Cherubini Conservatory of Florence and he also graduated in Computer Engineering at Università degli Studi di Firenze. He continued his studies with Masters such as Giovanni Riccucci, Antony Pay, Richard Stoltzman, Dario Goracci, Alessandro Carbonare, Stefano Cardo. As a soloist with orchestra he played the W.A. Mozart and A. Copland's clarinet concertos. He also performed as a bass clarinetist for the Orchestra Giovanile Italiana. At the moment he is active as a clarinetist, arranger and composer with the Two-Fol Quartet, Inventionis Mater (performing in Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, England and Germany), Balkan Damar, Odd Solution, ex Quartetto Metamorphosis.

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